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BidPro Plus is a subscription service that will dramatically improve your schedule and quality of life!

You guys have a great system!   You've already put thousands of dollars into my pocket!
Larry Brackett
ORD  767 CA I

Imagine being able to trade a low-time four day trip for a high-time three day trip.  Imagine how much easier your commute would be if you could trade into trips that start or end with a deadhead.  Imagine finding out before anyone else that one of the best trips is now open.  Imagine being notified about a three-day trip to Maui you've been trying to pick up.  BidPro Plus! can help you do all this and more.

BidPro Plus! is an open-trip notification service that will notify you the instant a trip meeting your specific criteria appears in open time.   You can receive notification anywhere, anytime -- to your email account, on your cell-phone, pager, PDA or any other email-capable device.

Specify Your Criteria

You'll be able to specify the exact criteria for the trips you want to be notified about.  For example, you can ask to be notified about:

  • Any three-day trip with more than 18:30 credit time
  • Any four-day trip departing after 1400 and arriving before 1100
  • Any trip departing between Oct 3 - Oct 12, and laying over in OGG
  • Any specific trip number (11324) or trip number matching a pattern (11???)
  • Almost anything else!

Automatic Trading

If your airline supports it, BidPro Plus! can optionally automatically drop, pickup or trade trips for you!

You now have full control of your schedule to get rid of trips you don't want and trade for trips you do.  In most cases trips are picked up or traded seconds after they are discovered to be open!

Free Trial

Sign up now, and discover why you soon can't afford to be without BidPro Plus!

There's no risk involved since the first 30 days are completely free!   Cancel anytime you want or continue with your subscription and take control of your busy schedule and improve your lifestyle. 

For Everyone

Lineholders -- don't miss out on a trip that you want to get.  Be notified the instant it becomes available whether you are at home, on a layover or at a barbeque.  Improve your pay, schedule, days off.

Reserves -- don't worry about if/when you'll get a call from the crew desk.  Find out about any open trips before they've started calling.  Pickup trips (if your airline allows it) to control your schedule and life.

Available now:

American Airlines Alaska Airlines Independent Pilot's Assoc. (IPA)

Click on your airline, above, to sign-up for new service with BidPro Plus! or to login to your existing account.

Coming soon ...

ExpressJet Southwest Airlines

Crewmember Comments ...

With your program, I traded a 15 hour 3-day for a 20 hour 3-day.  It made me $600 and I got a phone call to alert me.  No more checking the computer!
  -- Norm DFW 767 Intl F/O

I'm up to 80 hours so far, and filled up with a turn to the Big D; literally seconds after I got beeped!  Thanks BidPro Plus!
  -- Ed, S80 F/O

I needy, I likey!
  -- Ray, S80 Capt

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